A blurry mix of animal figures on old sheaths. The animals represent constellations.
Star-map vs. Sitemap

I created this sitemap for navigability. The truth is that I get lost in my own Posts sometimes! I hope it helps you find something interesting!  


Recent Posts

Imagery  (all posts)

These recent pages include curated imagery I have taken while hiking or ... living.  These images unlike those I include in my normal blog posts are edited  and branded, in large part because I am, I admit it, quite proud of them. They are accompanied by stories and thoughts regarding their capture and life generally.  All images areally licensed for reshare and commercial use through Creative Commons

Pacific Crest Trail 2016 (all posts)

These posts include the preplanning stages and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail southbound in 2016.

  1. My Work - Margarita Making
  2. 2600 Miles and The Real Batman.
  3. Directions and Decisions
  4. Resiliency, Reasoning, and Remarks on Simple Myth
  5. The Journey Begins Again....
  6. First Impressions of Washington State
  7. The Great Unknown
  8. Rebellion
  9. Hitching a ride on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  10. Hikertrash hits Chelan
  11. A Dragons Tale, part one.
  12. Foot and Soul Damage

Pacific Crest Trail 2015 (all posts)

I began this blog in 2015 while embarking on a hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. These are my original pictures and posts from that experience. 

  1. Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
  2. Pacific Crest Trail Campo through Lake Morena Images
  3. Lake Morena through Mount Laguna on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  4. Welcome to Cleveland National Forest
  5. Hiking the PCT Hills in San Diego
  6.  Staying dry with a tribute to Trail Angels
  7.  Leaving Mt. Laguna Video and pictures.
  8.  Long, Hot and very Dry
  9. Warner Springs Community Center. Reaching 100 miles
  10. Rainman, Blogging, and reaching 100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  11. Warner Springs Resource Center; a needed respite
  12. An Adieu and Tribute to Robin Williams
  13. Pacific Crest Trail: Feeling Meh from Warner Springs
  14. Crest Trailing SoCal - Plenty of scenery and a creek that isn't dry
  15. Made it to Riverside County on the Pacific Crest Trail
  16. Support Justin's Pacific Crest Trailing....
  17. There can be only one... Mountain town.
  18. Epic video series continues...
  19. Some thoughts on Friends here at Ziggys
  20. Escape from Ziggys
  21. On the road from Ziggys and Idyllwild
  22. Cloud cover on the way to Big Bear and the incoming mist
  23. Scenic vistas Southern California Trailing
  24. Mount San Jacinto Wilderness
  25. There's snow in those hills....
  26. Ziggy's to Mission Creek
  27. Clouds to Cactus
  28. Desert Beauty on the Pacific Crest Trail
  29. Desert Mountains Desert Skies
  30. White Sands Creek to Big Bear
  31. San Jacinto Summit to Papa Smurfs in Big Bear
  32. Papa Smurf and Life in Big Bear
  33. Hiking next to the clouds 
  34. News of my death is greatly exaggerated
  35. The Lost Pictures Hiking Photos Big Bear through Casa de Luna
  36. PCT Hiking after Agua Dulce 
  37. Assault on Boy Scout Mountain
  38. Nighttime Hiking
  39. Physiological Assessment: First 500 miles
  40. Hailstorm after Tehachapi Videos 
  41. Red House Teepee
  42. Around Tehachapi
  43. Time to consider getting dry
  44. High Desert continues
  45. So Hot that I am Melting
  46. Time to leave the Mojave behind
  47. Beyond Kennedy Meadows
  48. Hiking it on to Onyx
  49. Lone Pine and entry to the High Sierras
  50. Water Woes on the Pacific Crest Trail
  51. Conquered the Mojave - on to Kennedy Meadows
  52. Camelot
  53. Thanks and Some Thoughts about Hair
  54. More Pictures from the High Sierras
  55. Preparing for Mount Whitney
  56. Trekking to Mount Whitney
  57. The Way to Mount Whitney
  58. Ascended Mount Whitney
  59. Ascent complete
  60. Heading back to the trail
  61. Forrester Pass and the High Sierras
  62. Another Day in the High Sierra Mountains
  63. Off trail to Bishop - Need to replenish
  64. Broken
  65. Pray for my phone
  66. From Bishop onto Kearsarge Pass and the Sierras
  67. So much John Muir Trail
  68. Hiking North through the High Sierras
  69. Celebrating the 4th of July on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  70. Hiking my way to Mammoth Lakes
  71. Hiking Scenery on the way to Mammoth Lakes
  72. Next stop Tuolumne Meadows ... where it is snowing in July!
  73. High Sierra Hiking To Reds Meadow.
  74. Yosemite and beyond 
  75. Big Wilderness
  76. Hiking North from Yosemite on the Pacific Crest Trail.
  77. Yosemite Unchained
  78. Hike your own Hike, Live your own Life 
  79. 1000 Miles and a Wee Song
  80. Thru-Hiking northward into Yosemite
  81. Pacific Crest Trail Hiking Towards South Lake Tahoe 
  82. Physiological Effects 1000 Miles!
  83. Fearmongering
  84. Nature giving zero f#*ks. 
  85. Amazing Hiking from Tahoe Rim Trail
  86. Tahoe Rim Trail with vistas from the Trail
  87. Sierra City and More
  88. Thru-Hike continues north past Sierra City.
  89. Pacific Crest Trail Hiking Beautiful scenery and friendly Deer
  90. The Great Adventure 
  91. Beyond Quincy with Nude Dude, and Mr. Walker.
  92. Heading to Chester
  93. Pacific Crest Trail Hiking from Chester and Burney with Sulphuric Lake! 
  94. Between Chester and Burney
  95. Hiking with Sciatica
  96. Lassen National Forest and Hat Creek Rim Trail 
  97. Three Month Mark
  98. The Real World

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