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Welcome to 'Not the Water Report!'

Not the Water Report! is a hiking blog that explores life, nature, thru-hiking, magic, and anything else I find interesting.  

Unlike most hiking blogs, I do not discuss gear, maps, apparel, or anything else that might actually be useful. You will also not find the Water Report here. 
Hence the name.... 
If you find yourself meandering around the desert, as I often do, and you need it here's is where you might find the actual Water Report
Wild-haired and unkempt, Karma  smirks for the photographer from the High Sierra Mountain Range.
I'm a smirker, no doubt about it.

Now that I've cleared that up, allow me to introduce myself!
My name is Justin Arn.  If you are wondering, I'm told the last name is Norwegian.
I am the product of Navy parents and spent my entire young life travelling around the world. I studied Philosophy and Religion in Hawaii, and I work in Sales and Marketing, although I have always kept a bartending gig on the side for extra cash and, frankly, because I enjoy it

My life was moving along just fine in the usual post-modern American way until one day I realized something crucial and undeniable: I was boring!

I focused on work 24/7, allowed it to come home with me, and rarely thought of much else in life otherwise.
I was a far cry from the Philosophy student concerned with ethics that I had once been.

A JOSHUA Tree frim palm desert California
Be interesting!
Like a Joshua Tree!

I thought about work on weekends and would go to the office just to get ahead. I didn't want to talk about anything else and had stopped making time for personal growth or reflection. In fact, I don't know that I had ever made time for such things.

I asked myself: if I could be someone else and ran into this person, my current self, would I want to know him? Realizing that the answer, sadly, was 'no,' allowed me to question many other illusions in my life, a gift for which I am still very grateful.

Lately my interests have widened considerably and I'm happy to say they have come to include things like thru-hiking, web-building, data analysis, and all sorts of other crazy interesting topics.

Image of Lily rock from Pacific Crest Trail Blog by Justin Arn
Lily Rock. Image from Journeyonthepct. 2015

I've just completed another attempted thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail Southbound from Canada, and am currently recovering from the Glaciers of Washington State. I now spend much of my time thinking and writing. I am interested in changing social consciousness, hermeticism, and the hidden meaning that underpins this life.

Speaking of which, all photos in this blog are my creation however you may certainly download and share them as they are Free to Use. My only request is that they not be used for any commercial interests, without my approval, or unless they are featured in the Imagery section of this site, Creative Commons licenses.

I involve myself with many projects and like stay up to date on our digital world. I create and maintain websites that attempt to provide legitimately good content. I subscribe to the notion that Content is King: only a well-written, meaningful, and significant product is worth creating. In a world where A.I. can create better content than 99% of end-users, there should be no other goal than this.

Here are a few my projects:

An examination in etymology and
the meta value of words.

A study of what is real, what is false,
and who defines these Ideas.

Tio Leo's Del Mar:
My favorite Mexican Restaurant in San Diego.

Not the Water Report! : My primary blog since 2015.  In it I discuss hiking, personal development, struggles, and anything else that might possibly interest me.
It's a mixed bag.

Black Mountain Hiking:
A site I use to practice web-building and html code. Doubles as a good information page regarding Black Mountain, a peak near my home.

I'm extremely active online.
Here are some of my Profiles:

+Justin Arn
Google Local Guides

Facebook Pages I manage: 

Don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can do for you,
or you have question, I might be able to help you with.
It's a beautiful world out there, so go enjoy it!

Justin Arn.

Justin Arn

Last updated October 11, 2016