Apr 22, 2017

Denver, Weed, & the Key to Super-Hearing.

Kerouac quote kerouac apartments.
Jack Kerouac smoked weed too. 

The city of Denver; streets and Buildings. I'm in bunk 8 room 22* at the Denver Hotel and Hostel.  It's my first night in this place, but I've been in Denver for over a week.  I've had one gummy edible and two Coors Lights.  My head is burning up and I can feel the fire in my cheeks.  It's a combination of the edible, and the altitude that's causing that "hot" feeling. Take it from someone who knows his drug effects, getting messed up at altitude is no joke, and living close to sea level for the last 8 years hasn't prepared my lungs or my nerves for the 'mile high city.'

When it comes to weed, I've been a lightweight for the last twelve years or so; specifically since returning from  Hawaii. I called the Aloha state home as I attended college, and for me smoking weed had become a primary source of recreation among other things. When I came back to the mainland in early 2003, I abstained from marijuana and when I finally did start smoking again, I found my tolerance deeply depleted. I would get dangerously stoned with very little THC in my system. Essentially I risked falling into an incapable type of over-high every time I smoked.

These were not pleasant experiences either.  More often than not the weed would put me in a position of such paranoia, such will-killing perplexedness, that I became utterly useless; as a baby almost.

I've learned to control the effects, over the years.  Whenever I smoke out, I take baby hits, and cut myself off early to ensure I don't get into that super-stoned state. 

Edibles, the euphemistically nebulous term that denotes all manner of ingestible weed products, are just as dangerous.  Have you ever imagined time? What I mean is have you ever built a multi-dimensional visual model in your head to wrap your mind around the mystery of how we humans experience phenomenon has having a past, present, and future?
I did. 

Just a few months ago, after I ate a single cookie baked full of THC oil. 
Someday I may get around to writing it down. I wish I could it was lovely but a more apt description would be I gave violent mind-birth.  Not entirely pleasant, I can assure you.

Edibles affect your entire body. The high starts in your blood. working it's way slowly around your entire body, before it makes its go at your brain. There comes a time your body is completely high, but your mind is still sharp. Eventually, the high begins its inevitable rise begins its assault upon the mind. Not all at once, mind you. But in slow ocean rolling waves, whose lazy comings and goings wipe away the tracks and dents upon the sand of your thoughts.

Sometimes unmarked virgin sand is the best we can hope for of our minds. Such a state can allow new thoughts and ideas to form.  Oh, I've had all sorts of insight when stoned. It's not all the 'high-surfer' stereotype that most non-smokers imagine.  Although when you do come across beach-bum pot-heads you realize they really are terrible characters. I mean literally, badly drawn personalities. 
Don't be one of those.  
Anything but that. 

Clearly the edible is having an effect. If my writing isn't any indication. Like I was saying though, when properly controlled, weed can do wonders for the human imagination, and really stoke the potential to have flashes of insight. 

Here's one I had just the other day. 
Try it.

The key to super-hearing!

Step 1. Walk out of your house. Find a long open straightaway.  No cars, no people, nothing but space right in front of you.

Step 2. Close your eyes, and keep them closed.

Step 3. Start walking forward in a gentle to medium pace. Listen to the sounds around you. Keep walking.
Don't stop walking.

Eventually you will experience a moment of panic; this will usually occur after you've reached a point that you no longer have your bearings. That is to say: You cannot imagine where you are in the image of the scene you remember picturing in your mind. Your brain will realize this and your will feel panic.
Keep walking.

As difficult and scary as it may become, if you keep walking after crossing the panic-threshold, you will begin to experience things in a way you haven't before. Your ears will begin to catch every minute vibration; your steps will become strategic as you use your legs and feet to sense things that they usually need not even register.
Keep walking.

Now Stop.
Open your eyes.
Look around you.

Congratulations, you now have super-hearing for the next hour at least.  You will have been scared, you will have overcome your fear, and you will have experienced life more than normally.  All thanks to the wonder of a little watermelon gummi I ate a few hours ago.  

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