Sep 25, 2016

Cloud-Cover in the Cascades

Cloud for ming over the Cascade Mountains
Cascade Cloud Cover

Clouds have the ability to inspire the human imagination like few other things in life.  Just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, so it is with the sky. The ever-morphing protean nature of its primary denizens ensure that our skies are anything but boring.  

While hiking through the Cascade Mountains I happened upon a cloud-birthplace of sorts. For several hours I found myself mesmerized at the constantly shifting churn of fog and and mist at what appeared to be only a few hundred feet from the Trail.  This violent ocean of fierce and foam mothered dozens of cumulo-nimbus children during my watch, and no doubt thousands more after. 

Clouds have lives of their own it seems; some hopeful and happy, others forlorn and disgraced.  As my imagination settled, I stopped fantasizing them to be anything other than what they were: simply beautiful.   

- Justin

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