Jul 27, 2016

Hikertrash hits Chelan

Image of a country lake flanked by mountains on the PCT
Who doesn't want to be here? 


I'm in a little tourist town called Chelan,  located about 40 miles down a very long man-made lake known as... wait for it....Lake Chelan.

Karma shows off his meseed up PCT feet.
Not as pretty as Lake Chelan

I'm sleeping on a park bench this evening, as there doesn't appear to be a hostel in town and even the cheapest inns and hotels are way out of my price range.  I don't mind at all, and to be honest, it's better this way, as my little park bench is just a stones throw from where the ferry that will bring me back to Stehekin leaves tomorrow morning.  The ferry leaves at 8:30 on the dot, and it's the only way back to Stehekin and back to the PCT. 

So far as park benches go, I really can't complain. This one is wooden with deep set seats, altogether not as uncomfortable as you'd think. Then again, I've been camping for a bit, so my tolerance for comfortability is... relaxed.  

Image from a Ferry boat on Lake chelan
Don't pay the Ferryman!  So says Chris Deburgh

  I'm wearing absolutely filthy pants and a bright red shirt emblazoned with the character Deadpool declaring triumphantly and enigmaticly: "TACOS?!"

Hikertrash Karma likes Tacos
Coming Soon to a town near you!

Yes. Hikertrash extraordinaire.

Small children eye me suspiciously and parents take pains to avoid the little path my park bench sits upon. They don't want to be within even a few feet of me and my shitty-looking pack. That's what this kinda look will do. 

A beautiful image of Placid Lake on the PCT
Coon Lake just north of Stehekin

I relish it.

I've been homeless before but at the times in my life when that was the case, I didn't embrace the lifestyle as something to be proud of, the way I do now. 

Instead, I hid it in an attempt to normalize myself and keep the same perspective as the rest of society. 

Older now, I find I the prospect of urban pauperdom extraordinarily liberating. Don't get me wrong, I like the comforts of a warm bed the same as any man, but embracing the Hikertrash within me is a part of thru-hiking that I enjoy probably too much.

These hills surrounding Chelan make for good skiing


If you've never had the opportunity, I highly recommend giving this lifestyle a try, even if only for a day.  It's a great way of reminding oneself what's really important in life and how much other people's opinions and expectations don't matter. 

some Pacific Crest Trail bridges make better sleeping spots than others.
This Bridge! It pleases me!

Lake Chelan is incredibly picturesque and I can truly see why this whole area gets so much attention in the summer.  The lake itself hosts every shade of blue the mind can imagine. Turquoise hugs the waters edge before giving way to spectacular hues that would make the Caribbean jealous. 

No Infowars on the Pacific Crest Trail.
ohh.. Infowars. Can I never escape Bill Hicks, I mean, Alex Jones....

A little further out, Jetskiers make hairpin turns and chase after  larger boats, opportunistically jumping after the wake offered by their propellors. It looks quite fun.

  I've never been on a Jet-ski, but I remember a comedian or someone once saying that you couldnt help buy smile when on one, and that sounds about right.  

Karma takes a ferry ride over Lake Chelan.
Lake Chelan, from a ferry with Jetskier in tow.

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Keeping it trashy, 

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