May 19, 2015

There can be only one... Mountain town.

  Here I sit in Idyllwild, California.  I'm in a sweet Honey Bun heaven that calls itself  The Town Baker, a shop created by thru-hikers that specializes in honey buns and a cold Vietnamese latte to die for. 

   I daresay Idyllwild may be the greatest Mountain town in California, nay, the United States. If Mountain towns deuled  to the death, Highlander style, only one of them would be worthy of the name: Conor McLeoud.  And that town would be Idyllwild.  There can be only one.

   Is it the small town charm?  Perhaps the more than happy to help residents?  Or the many mineral, higher-consciousness, or pie shops?  Perhaps the quaint Post Office and Library, saddled next to one another, each happily promoting one another, the local BBQ this Saturday, and the town's many other distinct draws. 

  It is all of these things.  Idyllwild, California, nestled up next to the might Mt San Jacinto, and Mt. Marion boasts all the charm, beauty,  and distinctive atmosphere of the friend you always want at your party. The one who simultaneously kicks ass and is cool as all hell.

    I love this town and regret having so little time to spend here. But alas, tomorrow Mount San Jacinto calls, and I answer that call; a precursor, and test before attempting to climb the great Mt. Whitney,  tallest peak on the western 48.

   Hello and goodbye Idyllwild; there can be only one, and you are it: my mountain Paradise town.

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Unknown said...

Looks like you got some good fuel for this portion. Keep up the great work with the photos.