May 17, 2015

Pacific Crest Trail: Feeling Meh from Warner Springs

I'm supposed to be well rested, well watered, and well, good to go.  But instead I find myself sluggish and tired.  It's 1:30pm and I've gone a total of 5 miles. This, after a day of complete rest.  I can only blame my heavy pack for part of this physical indolence.

Perhaps it's having fallen out of rhythm that's the cause. In any case it's something to note and take care to avoid in the future. 

I left Warner Springs this morning and found myself, once more surrounded by yellow fields of short wheat stalks.  Some sort of gopher species has claimed dominion that entire area as they run rampant in and out of the incredible number of holes they've dug into what I imagine was quite arable farmland.

I made my way through several groves until the day's ascension began.  While still tired, my legs faired well on the climb.  At several points I've crossed a creek named Agua Caliente.  It appears clean fresh, having benefitted greatly, no doubt, by the recent rains. 

I believe the 10 mile point will mark the end of my trek today and I hope to awaken with more energy than today.

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