May 16, 2015

Rainman, Blogging, and reaching 100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.

I woke up at mile 86 1/2 , essentially in a small campsite northeast of Julian nestled in the hills, with a litany of problems:

1) I'm out of potable water, according to my Halfmile app. Next water cache isn't until mile 91.
2) My Galaxy smartphone has about 5% charge left.  Given that neither the solar charger I brought along nor my emergency battery have worked, I'll be essentially phone-less until Warner Springs....
3) Speaking of Warner Springs, did I mention that it was 24 miles away.  Mile 109+
4) I have extraordinarily little food.
5) Lastly, but probably most importantly: it's raining like crazy, and will be for the rest of the day

 Fan-fu$#ing-tastic.  Nevertheless, being the intrepid, resourceful, and eager-to-have-a-working-phone kind of person I am, I fought through near-starvation, biting rain, and wet, muddy, mountainous terrain to stumble my way into Warner Springs, where upon arriving, lo and behold, I come across a small village of hikers whom have been enjoying themselves beneath the warmth and comfort of some fairly handsome oak trees in front of the town "resource center."

   They regaled me with tales of the women who worked there and how said women brought them Banana breads and served them coffee.  I've been able to charge my phone in the outlet outside the resource center and I hope to awaken to the same coffee / sweetbreads treatment my comrades have been partaking of. 

  I beat my former personal record by 3.5 miles today, and although my body is a mess, I feel good about the hike.  I'll be taking a Zero day in Warner Springs to re-gather myself, wash my clothing and pick up my first package tomorrow.   

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