Apr 22, 2017

Denver, Weed, & the Key to Super-Hearing.

Kerouac quote kerouac apartments.
Jack Kerouac smoked weed too. 

It's 9:33pm.
I'm in bunk 8 room 22* at the Denver Hotel and Hostel.  It's my first night in this place, but I've been in Denver for over a week.  I've had one gummy edible and two Coors Lights.  My head is burning up and I can feel the fire in my cheeks.  It's a combination of the edible, and the altitude that's causing that "hot" feeling. Take it from someone who knows his drug effects, getting messed up at altitude is no joke, and living close to sea level for the last 8 years hasn't prepared my lungs or my nerves for the 'mile high city.'